New! Export Control Worksheet System

Research Facilitation & Dissemination has introduced an online version of the “Export Control and Open Research Review” and “Export Control Worksheet for MSU-Sponsored Visa Applications” worksheets.

The new system will replace the paper versions of the forms and allow them to be routed electronically, including electronic notifications to approvers that there are items awaiting their review.

An important new feature of the online system is the ability for all concerned - document preparers, PIs, and administrative reviewers - to see the current locale and status of their forms under review.

The new forms may be accessed via the Export Controls Dashboard ( 

Paper forms already in the system will continue to be processed, but all new forms should initiated via the new system. (Faculty and staff should delete any old PDF versions of the worksheet saved to their computers.)

If you have questions or concerns about the new system, or if you know of individuals who would like to participate in an session to overview the new forms, please call 517-432-4499.