Register for NIH Clinical Research Course

Michigan State University joins the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a remote site for the online course, Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR)

Course Description: IPPCR is a five-month course (Oct. 14, 2014-Mar. 9, 2015) on how to effectively conduct clinical research. Each week, presenters discuss how to design and manage a successful clinical trial. The day after the live presentations, recordings and handouts are available online. 

Topics include: epidemiologic methods, study design, protocol preparation, patient monitoring, quality assurance, and Food and Drug Administration issues. Other areas covered include data management and ethical issues, including protection of human subjects, building a budget, plus many special topics. Schedule of presentation topics.pdf Frequently Asked Questions and More info from NIH...  

A certification of completion is available to those who pass a final exam.  

Who is eligible: This course will be available online only through pre-registration. It is open to MSU and non-MSU researchers, students, and community practitioners. However, registration is required prior to the start of the course. 

Register: Visit the website (from the drop-down menu, choose Michigan State University). 

Textbook:  Principles and Practice of Clinical Research, Third Edition is required. Purchase in advance or access free with MSU NetID at

Questions: Candace Winslow, Michigan event liaison, Office of Regulatory Affairs, at 517-884-0948 or