Export Control Visa Worksheet Questions

  1. In the intended duties and project(s), will the visa recipient create, modify, use, share, ship, transmit, transfer or otherwise access, or travel outside the U.S. with MSU-developed, non-commercial encryption software in source code or object code form, either stand-alone or embedded in other code?
  2. Do you know or have any reason to believe that the visa recipient’s duties or project(s) will support the design, development, production, stockpiling, detection, or use of a nuclear explosive device, chemical or biological weapon, or missile?
  3. Do any aspects of the visa recipient's duties or project(s) potentially involve commerce with, travel to, or shipment or payment to or from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria?
  4. Will the visa recipient utilize a non-consumer global positioning system (GPS technology) outside of the United States, either for university travel or as project equipment?
  5. Is this individual assuming IT responsibilities across multiple research groups or is s/he serving in an administrative IT capacity?  If yes, please provide a list of the third party software packages s/he will be using.
  6. Is the purpose of the visa recipient's intended duties or project(s) anything OTHER than fundamental research? If so, what?
  7. Will the duties or project(s) be conducted under a sponsored agreement (contract or grant) imposing publication restrictions beyond a brief review (up to 90 days) for patent protection and/or to prevent inadvertent release of non-MSU confidential or proprietary information?
  8. Will the duties or project(s) require the delivery of a prototype to the sponsor or another non-MSU party?
  9. Will any part of the duties or project(s) be performed (i) outside of the United States, or (ii) at a non-university site within the United States? If so, where?
  10. Will the duties or project(s) involve any citizenship restrictions on participants?
  11. Is there any (i) other duty or project conducted within the research group by someone other than the proposed visa recipient, (ii) equipment or data received by the research group from an exterior source, or (iii) project, equipment, or data present in the research space to be utilized by the visa recipient, which is known or expected to be export controlled under either ITAR or EAR? (If “YES,” please describe.)
  12. Is any article to be received for, used, or developed in the duties or project(s) a defense article on the ITAR’s U.S. Munitions List? [If you need assistance, please call 432-4499.]
  13. Is any information or software to be received for, used, or developed in the duties or project(s) technical data on the ITAR’s U.S. Munitions List? If "YES," is that information or software already (i) published, (ii) patented, or (iii) available via the web to all members of the public, free of charge, where MSU neither has knowledge nor exercises control over who visits the website or downloads the information? Where?
  14. Will the proposed duties or project(s) involve receipt or generation of classified information?
  15. Did the proposal for any project supporting the visa recipient explicitly discuss military applications of the project?
  16. Will the project entail receiving, shipping, accessing, using or transferring items, technology, software, or information on the EAR Commerce Control List? [If you need assistance, please call (517) 432-4499.]
  17. Will you, the visa recipient, or MSU be asked to sign a non-disclosure or other confidentiality agreement regarding any MSU or non-MSU item, information, or software related to the visa recipient’s duties or project(s)?
  18. Did or will any funding to support the visa recipient at MSU originate or flow through a foreign government, governmental agency, or other non-U.S. entity? (If “YES,” please specify.)